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Stephen Haake
02-06-1997, 03:19 AM
6th February 1997

Dear All on Biomch-l,

Below are datails of a conference organised by Dr Rodney Royles and posted
on his behalf by myself. If you are interested in the conference I wouuld
be grateful if you would contact him directly.

Many thanks,

Steve Haake

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Bioengineering Measurements - recent advances and applications

20 March 1997

Edinburgh University, UK
Organised by the BSSM

This is a full day meeting with 11 papers to be presented covering work on
human tissue and joints ( finger, knee, foot-with sporting connections),
marine animals, plants, human motion analysis and protection.

The costs are stlg80 BSSM members, stlg95 non-members, stlg20 retired
persons and students.

The costs include morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea and VAT.

Cheques/PO's and orders are to be made payable to 'BSSM Scottish Region'
and sent to Dr R. Royles,
The University of Edinburgh,
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
Crew Building,
King's Buildings, West Mains Road,
Edinburgh EH9 3JN,
Scotland, UK.

For any further information contact;
Dr R. Royles
Tel: 0131 650 5732
Fax: 0131 667 9238
e-mail: r.royles@ed.ac.uk.
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