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02-06-1997, 11:10 AM
The Biomechanics Research Laboratory at the University of Southern
California, Los Angeles has a research assistantship position available for
the Fall of 1997. Students in the program have a variety of backgrounds
including engineering, physical therapy, biology, computer science, exercise
science, and mathematics. Course work and research experiences are designed
to meet an individual student's needs and research direction. Graduates of
the program hold clinical and/or research positions.

We are pursuing applicants who have the following attributes: excellent
interpersonal communication skills and work habits, the ability to work
independently, academically motivated in this area, and a willingness to
share their strengths, improve their weaknesses, and to become an active
participant in a research environment that encourages open exchange of
ideas. Experience in computer programming, instrumentation, or clinical
experience is a plus.

The Graduate Program in
Biomechanics in the
Department of Exercise Sciences at the
University of Southern California

Degree Programs
Both Masters of Science and Doctor of Philosophy Degree programs are
offered. Students are required to complete a thesis.

Teaching and Research Assistantships
Graduate students accepted into the biomechanics specialty typically receive
teaching and/or research assistantships. Both provide a stipend and tuition
remission. Teaching assistants are responsible for teaching laboratory
experiences offered in conjunction with upper level undergraduate courses in
kinesiology and biomechanics.

Academic Advisor and Director of the Biomechanics Research Laboratory

Jill L. McNitt-Gray, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Dr. Jill L. McNitt-Gray is a biomechanist and an Associate Professor with
tenure in Exercise Sciences at USC. She holds joint appointments in the
Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Biokinesiology and Physical
Therapy. She received her Ph.D. in biomechanics from The Pennsylvania State
University in 1989. Dr. McNitt-Gray received her undergraduate degree in
mathematics and statistics from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio in 1980 and
her master's degree in biomechanics from The University of North Carolina,
Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 1985.

While at USC, Dr. McNitt-Gray and her students have developed and
established a funded experimental biomechanics research and teaching
laboratory. Research in the lab focuses on the biomechanics and
neuromuscular control of multijoint movements involving dynamic interaction
with the environment (e.g. jumps, landings, locomotion, falls). Our aim is
to identify the underlying mechanisms humans use when a) preparing for
impending collision, b) distributing load during impact, and c) achieving
equilibrium after contact with the landing surface. Better understanding of
the biomechanics and neuromuscular control prior, during, and after
interaction with the environment contributes to improvements in performance
and reductions in injury. The research projects have been funded in part by
the United States Olympic Committee, National Science Foundation, National
Institute on Aging, National Collegiate Athletic Association, Medical
Commission of the International Olympic Committee, American Association of
Retired Persons, and a number of National Governing Bodies of Olympic Sports.

Laboratory Facilities
The biomechanics laboratory is equipped with four force plates, multichannel
telemetered electromyography, dual camera high speed video motion analysis
system (400 Hz), shuttered video system (60 Hz), digitizing stations, a
variety of transducers (e.g. accelerometers, pressure sensors,
potentiometers), a computer network with 9 workstations, analog to digital
conversion, signal processing, and custom kinematic, telemetered EMG, and
total body and joint kinetics processing and analysis software. Our
collaborative work with the Sports Science staff at the Olympic Training
Centers in Colorado Springs and San Diego, also provides an extended
laboratory environment for sport related activities. The laboratory is also
equipped with multimedia technology to enhance undergraduate and graduate
education in biomechanics.
Jill L. McNitt-Gray, Ph.D.
Biomechanics Research Laboratory, Director
3560 Watt Way
Dept. of Exercise Science
University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0652
FAX 213-740-7909
email: mcnitt@usc.edu