View Full Version : Muscular fatigue (EMG)

02-06-1997, 11:53 PM
Dear Members of Biomch-L,

In order to get more information about muscular coordination patterns of the
human leg during landings and their influence upon foot-stability, I have
investigated the electromyographic activity of specific muscles of the left leg
during typical gymnastic landings. Furthermore, I measured the pressure
distribution under the left foot. Kinematic data of the knee and foot were
collected by two cameras (50 Hz from
lateral, 200 Hz from behind).

In further studies I intend to investigate the effect of lower leg muscular
fatigue (m. tibialis anterior, m. gastrocnemius, m. soleus, m. peronaeus) on
muscular coordination patterns and foot-stability. I would therefore, like to
create a treatment which causes "only" muscular fatigue with a minimum of
central fatigue. My results have shown that dynamic (eccentric-concentric)
treatments are more
fatiguing than static.

If there are any ideas of treatment designs, please let me know.

Any help is useful and if there is sufficient interest I will of course post a
summary of replies.


Lars Janshen