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Andrew Westreich
02-11-1997, 05:23 AM
Employment Opportunity
Mayo Foundation

The Orthopedic Biomechanics Laboratory, Mayo Foundation, Rochester, Minnesota
has an opening for a full-time bioengineer. This permanent position involves
all aspects of the research/clinical services provided by the lab, including
project planning, equipment design, software development, data collection and
analysis, grant writing and manuscript preparation.

The position requires training in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering,
bioengineering or computer science. Candidates should have a master's degree or
a bachelor's degree with significant research experience. The position requires
familiarity with UNIX and PC platforms; proficiency in C, Fortran, and UNIX shell
programming; knowledge of rigid body mechanics; and strong verbal and written com-
munication skills. Familiarity/experience with signal processing, instrumentation,
kinematic/kinetic analysis of human movement, finite element analysis, control
theory, and statistics is preferred.

The Biomechanics Laboratory is comprised of integrated units made up of clinicians,
research scientists, and allied staff. Mayo Foundation is a private, not-for-profit,
group practice of medicine providing comprehensive clinical, research and education
programs. Close cooperation exists between the services of Orthopedics, Physical
Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Neurology and the Biomechanics Laboratory.

The laboratory's workload is diverse, including motion/strength analysis, computer
image analysis, materials testing, electromagnetic/kinematic testing, anatomical
specimen preparation/testing, instrumentation design and machining. The lab co-
directors are both Ph.D. mechanical engineers. The lab staff includes twelve
full-time permanent employees with backgrounds in mechanical engineering, computer
programming, computer-aided design, instrumentation, machining, physical therapy,
and kinesiology. The lab also has approximately twelve post-doctoral and research
fellows with backgrounds in orthopedic surgery, engineering, or physical medicine.

The position will be filled as soon as an appropriate candidate is identified. Mayo
is an affirmative action equal opportunity educator and employer.

Send a resume/cover letter to:

Orthopedic Biomechanics Laboratory
Guggenheim 128
Mayo Foundation
Rochester, Minnesota 55905

ATTN: Linda Romme
FAX: (507) 284-5392
E-MAIL: romme.linda@mayo.edu