View Full Version : Re: FCC Alert and feedback

Ton Van Den Bogert
02-11-1997, 05:35 AM

In a recent post we were all called to protest agains an alleged
proposal by the FCC to make us pay more for Internet access.
Similar stories have been going around the Internet for a few
years now, so this did not sound very convincing to me.

Chris Raasch informed me that the "real story"
can be found on http://www.fcc.gov/isp.html. It is not nearly as
bad as we were led to believe. Chris writes:

It appears what is proposed is that ISPs pay
local phone companies an interstate access charge like the long
distance carriers do. This has *nothing* to do with charges for
individual users. The "example" of charges in the post has no
basis in reality that I can see. Note the FCC is against this

"The Commission made no specific proposals, but tentatively concluded
that providers of information services (including Internet service
providers) should *not* be subject to the interstate access charges that
local telephone companies currently assess on long-distance carriers."
(emphasis by C.R.)

As a final point, I suggest that Biomch-L subscribers confirm
such stories before they post them. We have seen a few
well-meaning warnings like this which turned out to be a hoax, or
an urban legend.

Thank you,

-- Ton van den Bogert, Biomch-L co-moderator