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Tim Hall
03-22-1989, 07:16 AM
Hello, I'm a programmer at the Boston University Computer Graphics Lab.
I'm looking for CAT and/or MRI scans of the human body. One use for this
data is to aid a student in bio-medical engineering in her masters thesis.

"The objective of this research is to construct a three-dimensional computer
model of the human thorax for the purpose of studying electrical
defibrillation. The finite element method will be applied to the model to
determine the distribution of current in the myocardium during electrical

I also would like to get some scans to use as test data in volumetric
rendering on our Connection Machine.

I have posted a similar request to comp.graphics on usenet. One responce
was from a person who would act as an archive site for CAT/MRI scans.
If you are able to get data to me would it be OK to pass it on for wider
public access?

I can be reached at....


Or if you can't get away from BITNET



-Tim Hall