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02-12-1997, 12:37 AM
Greetings Everyone!

I just began graduate school at San Jose State majoring in Human
Performance and I am also a new member to this discussion group.
I apoligize if I appear rude, but I need to ask for a favor. One of my
first assignments is to examine the field of biomechanics and do a brief
My presentation needs to address the following:
- Define biomechanics and how it can be further subdivided.
- State the most notable experts (that are still alive) and why these people
have reached such acclaim. Cite papers or research that they had
- Explain the traditional areas of research and the current "state of the
- What are the best universities in the United States for pursuing studies
in this area.
- Explain the professional areas one may pursue after completing their
- What jobs may exist in the future as a result of current developments.
- Identify controversial or "HOT" issues.
Thank you in advance your help.

Alex Dziekanowski
Al B Dancn @ AOL..Com