View Full Version : Another Nijmegen thesis

Herman J. Woltring
10-13-1991, 07:04 PM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

Following my posting about one month ago on Leendert Blankevoort's PhD-thesis
and his succesful defense last Wednesday, it is a pleasure to announce another
thesis from the same group at Nijmegen University, and from another subscriber
to Biomch-L:

On Thursday 7 November, Harrie Weinans hopes to
publicly defend his PhD-thesis entitled "Mechanically induced bone adaptations
around orthopaedic implants". As is increasingly becoming the Dutch tradition,
his dissertation consists of a number of (p)reprints of papers published or
to be published in the regular literature, with an introductory and a summari-
zing chapter. I trust that interested Biomch-L readers will be able to obtain
a copy from Dr Weinans.

His 7th proposition is worth considering: "In many cases, computer simulations
offer an animal-friendly alternative for preclinical testing of orthopaedic
implants", if understood in conjunction with his very first proposition:
"Functional adaptation of bone can be predicted quantitatively".

(As I am about to travel, there has not been an opportunity to obtain partial
information on this thesis for publication via the fileserver facilities of

With kind regards,

Herman J. Woltring, Eindhoven/NL