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02-14-1997, 07:59 PM
I am interested in a problem of a
systemic human hypertension.

Technically developed countries produce such a wide range of people suffering with systemic hypertension and hypertonic complications, that it is strange.
Sedentary style of life is connected with a chronic muscle spasm especially of some areas of postural muscles.
An increased systemic blood pressure is - maybe- one way, how to overcome an increase of peripheral resistance and an impassability due to a muscle spasm.

I would like to gain a contact to somebody, who is keeping with an idea of an increased muscle tone in connection with an increased blood pressure and who will be able to extend this supposition to more serious theory on the base of proper experiments in some type of coop.

Rene Camek MD.
The Faculty of Physical Education and Sports
Martiho 31, Vokovice
162 52 Prague 6
Czech Rebublic
e-mail to: camek@FTVS.CUNI.CZ