View Full Version : Request for info: MTS Extensometer

Thomas G. Loebig
02-18-1997, 05:06 AM
Dear subscribers:

In preparation for a grant submission, I am evaluating devices for soft tissue
strain measurement.

I would like to hear some real world experiences and opinions about the MTS
"loop" soft tissue extensometer, and any strain measuring devices available
other than DVRTs, LVDTs, and LMSGs.

I am testing rat Achilles tendons, 2mm diameter, 10mm gage length. Currently
I am using an MTS Bionix 858.20 biaxial servo-hydraulic system. We may also
purchase a smaller, screw driven machine for these tests.

I am also curious about whether anyone has reliably tested specimens of this
type and size in strain control.

Thank you in advance.


Thomas G. Loebig, MSME Allegheny Singer Research Institute
412.359.6773 fax 412.359.3238 Biomechanics Research Lab
tom@biomechanics.asri.edu Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 15212