View Full Version : Is there a network for MEDICAL IMAGING?

unknown user
10-16-1991, 12:59 PM
Dear fellow Biomch-L readers,

I have noticed that quite a number of different networks have
been established for specific topics in Biomechanics, Health, etc.

I was wondering if anyone out there in E-Mail World is aware of
a network which concentrates on MEDICAL IMAGING - both the
fundamental principles/new techniques and the application of these
techniques to clinical problem solving (including things like
plastic reconstruction surgery, interactive surgery simulation,
implant design, etc.).

If so, could they forward the details of the network (moderator, or
similar contact; method of registering; interested parties...) to
my E-MAIL address, or to the BIOMCH-L readership in general.

Hope to hear from someone who can help me out.

Thanks a lot,


Timothy M Barker

Centre for Medical and Health Physics
Queensland University of Technology
Brisbane. Queensland