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Gary Mirka
02-19-1997, 07:21 AM
Graduate Research Assistantships

The Ergonomics Laboratory in The Department of Industrial
Engineering at North Carolina State University has openings for
four graduate research assistants for the Fall of 1997. These
positions are intended for students interested in pursuing either
a Master's or PhD in the area of occupational biomechanics.
Funding for these positions comes from both industry and
government sources and includes both laboratory and industry-
based research.

Current research projects include:
Low Back Injury Prevention in the Construction Industry
Upper Extremity CTDs in the Furniture Industry
Office Ergonomics
An Evaluation of the Psychophysical Methodology
Effects of Arch Support Orthotics on the Standing Human
An Evaluation of the Work Practices of Grocery Cashiers
A Stochastic Model of Trunk Muscle Activation During Lifting
A Model of Trunk Kinematics During Lifting

The Department of Industrial Engineering has a strong reputation
in four areas in industrial engineering: ergonomics, systems
analysis and optimization (operations research), production and
manufacturing. It is generally ranked in the top ten industrial
engineering departments in the United States.

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Dr. Carolyn Sommerich
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