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D.l. Benoit
02-20-1997, 10:49 AM
Hello all,

I am currently investigating trunk rotation with respect to range of
motion, factors limiting range of motion, acceptable exercises for
increasing trunk flexibilty and how these factors might apply to
the golf swing with respect to safety and performance. It has been
stated that "the most noticeable cinematographic differences between
professionals and amateurs (in golf) were in the degree of trunk
rotation" (Pink, Perry and Jobe, 1993 (cited in Jobe and Moynes, 1986))
however I am unclear how they determined "trunk rotation". During my lit
searches (mostly MED-Line and internet) I have found some literature
with regard to axial rotation ranges (Kumar et al.,1996
reported 72-74 degrees for men and Parnianpour et al.,1989 reported
between 61 and 81 degrees depending on %MVC). My question, therefore, is
should a "limit" be established for trunk ROM, as well as any
information quantifying the influence of range of motion on performance
with the golf swing or related movement patterns(baseball bat swing
etc...). Following is a short list of some of the
papers I have found during this investigation. Any help in this area
would be greatly appreciated and a summary will be posted to the list.

Daniel Benoit
McMaster University
Dept. of Kinesiology


Parnianpour et al. (1989) A database of isoinertial trunk strength tests
against three resistance levels in sagittal, frontal and transverse
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(more may be provided upon request)