View Full Version : Cycling: Hills vs. Flats and LBP

Pat Zerr Physical Therapy
02-20-1997, 11:50 AM
Dear Biomchers;

I was wondering if anyone had some information that may help me rehabilitate a cycling patient. The patient is an avid cyclist cycling competitively in the states with pain onset after long hill climbing at max Heart Rate, peculiarly though this back pain does not occur with max Heart Rate on flats such as time trialing. The pain is central to the lumbar region and is bilateral although one side is greater than the other. The pain is also muscular from iliac crests to Lumbar one. Is there some biomechanical difference when hill climbing versus flat riding that may be causing increase demand of paraspinals, quadratus, etc..? Any suggestions for rehabing this patient? A summary of replies will be posted.

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