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Scott Mclean
02-20-1997, 07:10 PM
Dear Subscribers
Here is a summary of replies wit hregard to the mesage I sent a
couple of weeks ago. I am sorry that I did not send it earlier: I
thought I had but after some gentle reminders (thankyou), I realised
my errors.



Original Posting

Dear Colleagues,

As part of my PhD research I am attempting to model specific knee
joint ligaments during dynamic movement tasks. I have played around
with several FEA software packages and have found that thus far,
there are a number of shortcomings.

If possible, could anyone tell me what software packages they are
using for similar work, the pros and cons of this software and
where/how I may purchase it?

Similar questions may have been posted recently. If this is the case,
I apologise in advance for my ignorance.

Thanks very much

Scott McLean


Dear Scott

a better software for modeling is PATRAN and LS-DYNA 3-D by MSC
(Mcneal Schendler Corporation)...they have a web site and e-mail
address...you night want to try them...

best regards

I guess I missed your first request. I recently received
information from the MacNeal Schwendler Corporation. They sell a
number of different FEA packages. Most of them run on UNIX machines
and are quite expensive (~$35,000 US), but they do have a Windows
based package that is ~$5,000 US. They also lease the software.
Their telephone number in the US is 800-642-7437 and in Europe (49)
(6421) 9513-0. I hope this is redundant.

Thank you,
Ed Quigley
Biomechanics & Movement Sciences
University of Delaware


The work I did was for the NIKE3D code, developed and
maintained at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. You can
get information on my research at my web page, go to

Look for my name. There are several papers that you can
download that should help you in understanding the important
material characteristics to represent in modeling ligaments and
tendons. Write me if you have any questions, I will try to

Jeff Weiss

In my little experience any time I had materials models problems I
always resorted to ABAQUS. It is very powerful in this area and if
your constitutive equation is not supported you can write a little
FORTRAN subroutine to implement it.

Otherwise I guess you could find good results working with ADINA.
But this
is not a direct experience.

My two cents .....



Hi Scott,

I've just about fininshed my PhD using FEA to model tissue of the
knee. I found, after exhaustive searching, that I-DEAS by SDRC seemed
to do what I required both in the intermediate and the future. Where
the offices are for SDRC in Australia are, I don't know but you can
find their home page on the web at http://www.sdrc.com and they will
have a list of dealers in your country.

Good Luck with the work.


Andrew Hart
University of Teesside

Here are a couple of websites worth trying


and SDRC at:


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