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02-24-1997, 05:23 AM
Last week I wrote:
"One thing that is probably common to all of our biomechanics programs is
a desire to acquire funding for sustaining and growing our programs. One
potential funding source is charging patients or their insurance company,
referring physician, or referring physical therapist. At the American
Sports Medicine Institute, we evaluate numerous baseball pitchers,
football quarterbacks, golfers, and others. So far we have not charged the
injured patients, their physicans, therapists, or insurance companies, but
we are
now giving this some thought.

Do you know whether reimbursement from insurance companies and others can
successfully be obtained? I have heard some stories about reimbursment
for gait analyses, but no stories about other analyses. Hopefully, working
together as a profession, we can ultimately increase the acceptance of
reimbursement for biomechanical analysis. Please share with me your
thoughts and experience on reimbursement for gait analyses or other
biomechanical analyses.

I will post a summary of the responses.

Thank you,

Glenn Fleisig, Ph.D."
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Thank you. The responses from other members of BIOMECH-L were extremely
helpful. In summary, most felt that insurance reimbursement was difficult,
but possible to obtain. It was recommended that:
1. Ask yourself what value, if any, your evaluation had in reducing medical
bills and returning a person to activity. If there is value, then...
2. Find an insurance reimbursement expert to work with.
3. Use the proper CPT and ICD-9 codes.

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