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Morten Bro-nielsen
02-25-1997, 04:44 AM

I have been looking for the following papers, but have not been able
to locate them.

Y. Wang, C.K. Chui, Y.Y. Cai, R. Viswanathan and R. Raghavan,
"Potential field supported method for contact calculation in
FEM analysis of catheter navigation",
XIX'th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics,
Kyoto, Japan, August 1996

Y. Wang and C.K. Chui,
"FEM analysis of catheter navigation",
10th conference of the European Society of Biomechanics,
Belgium, August 1996

Y.Y. Cai, R. Viswanathan, Y. Wang, C.K. Chui and R. Raghavan,
"Simulation of interaction of catheter and guidewire for
catheterization", ICSRCV'96

Does anybody have the proceedings? Would it be possible to receive
a fax-copy of the papers? The fax-number is listed below.

Many thanks,


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