View Full Version : help with forearm moment of inertia

Philip Fink
02-25-1997, 11:39 PM
I'm sorry to post this here, but I was unable to find any references in Medline.

Does anyone have a reference for an article in which the the moment of inertia for
the forearm is given for pronation/supination movements?

Also, I was wondering how the values were scaled to subjects. For moments of
inertia in other planes the scaling can be done by a formula like


where I(reported), h(reported), and m(reported) are the moment of inertia, height,
and mass reported in the literature and I, h, and m are the moment of inertia,
height, and mass of the subject. For pronation and supination, and other
movements about a longitudinal axis, it seems like the scaling factor should be
related to the radius of the segment, which should be proportional to something
like m/h. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,
Phil Fink
Center for Complex Systems
Florida Atlantic University