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Steve Wood
04-02-1997, 06:29 AM
Dear Subscribers:

Thank you to all who replied to my inquiry yesterday regarding the "kp"
unit of measure. I received numerous responses which may be summarized
by the following descriptions:

1) kp = kpis = kilopounds per square inch
2) kp = kPa = kiloPascal = 1000 Pascals = 1000 Newtons/square meter
3) kp = kilopounds = 1000 lb
4) kp = kiloparsecs = 3261 light years
5) kp = kilopond = 1 kg = 9.8 Newtons

I now realize that a more detailed context for this measure should have
been provided. I found this notation while reading a paper published in
1974. The authors measured the force, imparted by the occupant, upon
the torso and lap belts across different automobile restraint systems.
The reported values for the torso belt ranged between 340 and 1012 kp in
a 50km/h frontal crash simulation. Within this context, it would seem
logical that "kp" is referring to kilopond (1 kg / 9.8 N). I would
welcome any further feedback.

Thank you, again, for your responses.

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