View Full Version : Gait Trak software and treadmill

04-02-1997, 10:15 PM

For those of you familiar with Gait Trak software from Motion Analysis
Corp, I have a question. Have you been successful using the 2-d system
with a treadmill. Believe it or not, after having this system 4 years, I
finally have students doing a gait anal. project on the treadmill. My
problem is that it won't give accurate walking velocity or stride length
measures. I assume the problem is that it measures the stride length
from point a to point b instead of mapping the actual distance covered.
Therefore, when it analyzes the data, instead of a stride length of 130 cm
you end up with a stride length of 2 cm.

Anyone out there have any ideas?


John SIgg, Ph.D.
Ithaca College
Ithaca, NY