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Tyler Amell
04-03-1997, 12:10 AM
Thank you to all who have considered our little "kp" definition problem,
particularly Frank Buczek who pointed out the flaw in my posting. I should
clarify what I meant. It just so happens that I was reading "Fitting the
task to the man" (E. Grandjean, Taylor & Francis, 1986, p.373, an English
[U.K.] book) just minutes before reading email. I had the same question as
Steve Wood, and then looked up kp in the glossary of the text. The text

kp = kilopond (an old unit of force, = 1 kg of force)

I was aware that this was an odd description, nevertheless I assumed a) it
was old and vague and b) that was why we switched to the Newton! It seems
that there are at least five definitions for kp, all dependent on what area
you are working in.



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