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Klein, Aimee B.
04-03-1997, 07:56 AM
Dear Clayton:

A challenging kinesiology text for PT students is Norkin & Levangie's
Joint Structure and Function from F.A. Davis. It is written by PTs and
has an excellent chapter on Gait and shoulder function. The
introductory chapters review physics from a kinesiology perspective of
biomechanics, joint structure and muscle function, prior to the
specifics of the peripheral joints, spine, TMJ and gait/posture.

Good Luck,

Aimee Klein, MS, PT, OCS

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From: Clayton L. Van Doren
Subject: Kinesiology texbook
Date: Friday, March 28, 1997 6:59AM

A friend of mine is looking for an introductory clinical kinesiology
for heself and fellow undergraduate PT students. The class is using
Brunnstrom's book, and they find the presentation unclear and a little
difficult for their level. The anatomy is good, but the "physics" is
opaque. Also, they expressed particular problems with the treatment of
shoulder and the gait cycle. Now, I'm not a kinesiologist so I can't
the available texts, but I assured my friend that the List would have no
shortage of sound recommendations. Thanks for your help!

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