View Full Version : running frequency

Leia Bernardi Bagesteiro
04-03-1997, 10:23 AM
Hello Biomech-l,

Does anyone know about the frequency content for runing analysis, I am
looking for some reference(publication) that give me the kinetic and
kinematic running frequency, I would like to know if someone did a spectrum
analysis of these data (harmonic content). I have found many references the
running analysis and the specification for the kinematic (64 fps - 200 fps)
and kinetic ( ~ 250 Hz) equipament, but I never saw a frequency content for
running, seens to me that the kinematic frequency is about 20 Hz - 30 Hz
and the kinetic is below 50 Hz, but I would like to find some papers !!!
If someone has some reference, I would apreciate that.

Thanks in advance