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Pablo Saludes Rodil
04-03-1997, 04:19 PM
Biomch-L readers,

I'm a telecommunication engineering student at Universidad de
Valladolid (Spain) and I am developing my graduation thesis on a
feature extractor based on the Wavelet Transform, for using it with EMG
signals from upper limbs. I will use the feature extractor as a first step
in a pattern classification process, with the goal of controlling upper
limb prostheses.

I would like to find people who may help me in finding an EMG
signal database, specially with signals from upper limbs. I would
appreciate any help from you.

Thank you very much in advance,

Pablo Saludes Rodil

Pablo Saludes Rodil
e-mail: pabsal@casamaro.tel.uva.es
Student at Universidad de Valladolid