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Robert Heppe
04-06-1997, 06:02 AM
List Members,
I'm trying to use, accurately, a piece of info I read in John Garhammer's
article in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 1993, 7(2),
76-89, titled, "A Review of Power Output Studies of Olympic and
Powerlifting: Methodology, Performance, Prediction, and Evaluation Tests."

It states, "during short-term anaerobic events the metabolic power
estimates are usually 4 or more times the mechanical power output." Does
anyone have an exact number (4.3, 4.7, etc.) and would the unit of
metabolic power be? I'm trying to show the difference in energy
expenditure between "core" type exercises and basic bodybuilding exercises
as another way to use more energy during a workout other than circuit
training. Is the example below appropriate and accurate? Thanks in advance,
Robert Heppe, MA, CSCS
Island Performance Center
For example (in a very simple way) the mechanical power output of a bench
press vs a clean and press. (I don't have any data on the acceleration of
a bench press, so I've just input lb. for the force value).

135lb. * 2ft. / 1.8 s (average time of a rep in a set of 10 that takes 18
sec.) = 150w

convert to metabolic power:

150w * 4 = 600 (units?)


CLEAN & PRESS (non explosive)

C&P = 40lb. * 6ft. / 1.8 s = 133 (2 20lb. dumbells)
C&P = 160lb. * 2.5 ft. / 1.8 s = 222 (body weight)

Total = 133 + 222 = 355w

convert to metabolic power:

355w * 4 = 1420 (units ?)