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D. Nuckley
04-07-1997, 03:35 AM

Recently I posted a message asking for references regarding anthropometry
of the cervical spine as it relates to age, gender, etc. Below is a
summary of the few responses that I did receive. This could be a very
meaningful project for someone to undertake given the rather large void.
Thanks to all who responded.

1. Katz, P.R., Reynolds, H.M., Foust, D.R., and Baum J.K. "Mid-sagittal
Dimensions of Cervical Vertebral Bodies." Am. J Phys. Anthrop.
43(3):319-326, 1976.

2. Snyder, R.G., Schneider, L.W., Owings, C.L., Reynolds, H.M., Golomb,
D.H., and Schock, M.A. "Anthropometry of Infants, Children, and Youths to
Age 18 for Product Safety Design." Final Report, UM HSRI-77-17. Consumer
Product Safety Commission, Bethesda, Maryland, 1977.

3. Panjabi, MM, Duranceau, J, Goel, V, Oxland, T and Takata, K. Cervical
human vertebrae: Quantitative three-dimensional anatomy of the middle and
lower regions. Spine, 16:8:861-869, 1991.

4. Gilad, I and Nissan, M. A study of vertebra and disc geometric
relations of the human cervical and lumbar spine. Spine, 11:2:154-157,

5. Harrison, DD. Tadeusz, JJ, Troyanovich, SJ and Holland, B. Comparisons
of lordotic cervical spine curvatures to a theoretical ideal model of the
static sagittal cervical spine. Spine, 21:6:667-675, 1996.

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