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04-07-1997, 04:18 AM
Dear List members,

I am investigating the feasibility of setting up an Optotrak Position
Sensor System with a 64 channel A/D system. Can anyone tell me what
advantages/disadvantages there might be to the following two systems?
The A/D board would be used to collect data from 2 forceplates plus EMG.

1. Opotrak Acquisition Unit (ODAU II, 16 channel A/D converter and software
which also enables synchronized collection with the Optotrak position data)
plus the National Instruments AMUX-64T (front-end analog multiplexer that
quadruples the number of analog input signals that can be digitized)


2. National Instruments 64 channel A/D board (e.g., AT-MIO-64E-3) using
LabView software for Windows. Thus, you would have to somehow use one of
the Optotrak output s to create a synchronized system. Has anyone done
this? Would a second PC be required for this set-up or could this somehow
run in conjunction with the Optotrak software? It seems to me that this
second system using a true 64 channel A/D board plus LabView software would
be more flexible in the long run but perhaps it is not feasible within one PC.

A summary of replies will be posted if there is sufficient response.

Regards, Janice Eng

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