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Naris Charoenporn
04-07-1997, 09:16 PM
Dera all netter of Biomech-l

I have subscribed on this net and received some information of
biomecanical knowledge. It is very useful, so I have sent this
e-amil concering my research to get suggestions and comments from

I'm a student at University of Nottingham, UK. I'm now doing the
research on modelling the lumbar spine with finite element mothod.
The objectives of the model are as following:
1.) to study stress and strain on various tessue of lumbar spine
especially at vertebrae, discs and facet joints, when they are under
different loading
2.) to study changing in disc height
3.) to study effects of ligarments and muscles on the lumbar spine in
different postures and loading.

All mention above are the research fields I'm doing. I'm now
finding literature relevant to my research. Could you please give me
some references both whcih are published and which are researching?
Any suggestion and comment would be very appreciated for me.

I really thank for all responses in advance.

Yours sincerely,
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