View Full Version : Re: Seeking Gait Conference in Grenoble, France

Stephen W. Hill
04-08-1997, 04:36 AM
On Tue, 8 Apr 1997, Daniel India wrote:
> I am seeking a conference in Grenoble France on Gait and Posture. The
> conference is being held in June 1997 and if anyone has details or a
> contact on this conference, please forward to me at the address above.

It sounds like you are talking about the "International Society of Posture
and Gait Research" which is meeting at Maison de la Chimie at Paris, France
June 22-26, 1997. (28 rue St. Dominique 75007, Paris)

Contact "Groupe SPAT" 34, rue de l'Eglise 75015 PARIS - FRANCE
Tel:(33.1) email: spat@pobox.oleane.com

We will have a large contingent from University of Waterloo presenting there.

Steve Hill