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Jeffrey E Lewin
04-08-1997, 11:17 PM
Kathy and all BIOMCH-Lers:

Suggest you post this to ergoweb-list@ergoweb.mech.utah.edu, a listserv for
professionals in Ergonomics and Human Factors. (I recommend this for any
BIOMCH-Ler who has a Human Factors/Ergonomics-related question. It's a great
source for related info!)

I can add to your list the following activities: small parts assembly, most
microscope work, and anything that involves fine motor function of the hands in
a repetitive manner. These activities also seem to present risk factors related
to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. There are many checklists which
can be used to evaluate the risk factors potentially related to CTS. For a
start, visit ErgoWeb at http://www.ergoweb.com.

My questions to you is whether you are really strictly interested in carpal
tunnel, or if you might also want to consider other cumulative trauma
disorders/repetitive stress injuries (CTD/RSI). This is what a lot of
Ergonomists make their living tackling.


From: Rolo123 @ aol.com ("Kathy Roelofsen (Chapman University)")
Date: 04/09/97 03:09:44 AM PDT
Subject: causes of carpal tunnel syndrome

Dear Biomch-L subscribers,
I am trying to determine what activities/factors can cause carpal tunnel
syndrome. So far my literature search has revealed keyboard work, sign
language interpretation, wrist & finger spasticity, and dental hygiene work
(I will provide references to anyone interested). Is anyone aware of other
commonly recognized causes of CTS that I have not listed (especially if it is
in the literature)? If so, would you mind sharing your references? Thank
you very much!
Rolo 123