View Full Version : Re: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Jeffrey E Lewin
04-08-1997, 11:40 PM
Kathy and all BIOMCH-Lers:

Sorry about the last two postings. I have an out-of-control computer running
Lotus Notes 3.35. Ugh.

What I wanted to suggest is that you try posting your query about CTS to
ergoweb-list@tucker.mech.utah.edu, a listserv for Human Factors and Ergonomics.
I've found this list to be a great source of HF/E information.

Also, I wonder if you really want to consider only CTS, or if you might also be
interested in other cumulative trauma disorders (CTD) or repetitive stress
injuries (RSI). There are lots of checklists available which assess many risk
factors associated with RSIs. For a start, visit http://www.ergoweb.com.