View Full Version : Biomch-L now > 400 subscribers

Herman J. Woltring
11-07-1991, 03:19 AM
Dear Biomch-L readers,

When retrieving the list of subscribers for our list today, I found that we
now have more than 400 subscribers.

Ton, Krystyna, and I are delighted with the regular increase of our member-
ship; at the same time, increasing numbers entail increasing problems with
failing addresses. As of now, we will only marginally check whether prob-
lems can be rectified. Email networking is on the move, and standard error
support facilities exist with most sites. For example, it has now been
agreed upon under BITNET that the address POSTMAST@node_id or POSTMASTER@
node_id will always be monitored by a human operator in order to help with
email problems.

As regards the recent posting on a number of lists including Biomch-L on
how to reach a Bitnet node in Italy, the correct method is to retrieve the
'list of nodes', by sending the request

get bitnet nodelst (**not** bitnet nodelist)

to netserv@hearn.bitnet or any other NETSERVer on bitnet. Then, one may
scan this list for relevant nodes. Further details on any particular node
can be obtained from any NETSERVer by means of the request

get nodentry node_id

For Internet addresses, similar facilities are in the make; typically, one
can ask a nearby bitnet node contact person for help.


Herman J. Woltring (TELNETting from ASU, Tempe, AZ/USA)