View Full Version : Photoelasticimetric study

Philippe Boutemy
04-09-1997, 08:02 PM
Dear Biomechs,

We would want to do a photoelasticimetric study on fresh bone, and for that
we thought to use a kind of spray to recover ours bones. But after asking
informations about that at Vishay Micromesure, we learnt that it isnít so
easy! The solution is to use a thermoformable plastic film what is hard to
apply on the fresh bone.
Then my question is: Do you know a easier solution for a photoelasticimetric
study on fresh bone? And have you ever heard speaking about a ę spray Ľ?

Thanks for your answer.

Yours sincerely,

Philippe Boutemy
(Groupe d'Etude en Biomecanique Osteo-Articulaire de Strasbourg)