View Full Version : Stair Ascent/Descent : Summary of Replies

Melanie Kahler
04-10-1997, 02:19 AM
The following is a summary of replies that I received regarding a message
I posted earlier this week regarding how to assess stair ascent and
descent. My original inquiry was to determine if there was an established
scale to evaluate stair ascent and descent in a pathological group and
compare it to normative data. References provided are as follows:

- Andriacchi TP, Andersson GBJ, Fermier RW, Stern D, Galante JO, "A study
of lower-limb mechanics during stair-climbing", J Bone Joint Surgery (AM)
1980; 62:749-57

- McFayden BJ, Winter SA, " An integrated biomechanical analysis of
normal stair ascent and descent" J Biomech 1988; 29: 733-44

- Crowninshield RD, Johnston RC, Andrews JG, Brand RA, "A biomechanical
investigation of the human hip" J Biomch; 11, pgs75-85

- Templer et al , 1978, "An analysis of the behavior of stair users", No.
NBSIF, 78-1554 Report for Consumer Product Safety Commission, Washington, DC

- Templer JA, 1992, "The Staircase: Studies of hazards, falls, and safer
design" USA.MIT press

Also, there is a slow motion video/multimemory stopwatch technique in the
current issue of JOSPT.

Thanks to all who replied,
Melanie Kahler
Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA