View Full Version : Work-Endurance curves

Patrick Sparto
04-11-1997, 02:10 AM

Can anyone provide any references relating to determination of the endurance
time and rate of decline of force for both isometric and dynamic work, given
the relative muscle activation or relative work load, duty cycle (work/rest
ratio), and relative muscle fiber composition? We are aware of the work of
Rohmert and Monod, the modelling of Hawkins and Hull (J. Biomechanics,
1993), Dul et al (J. Biomechanics, 1984), Bellemare and Grassino (J. Appl.
Physiology, 1982), but would like to see if there are any more recent or
more specific references, especiially for muscles other than diaphragm.
Exercise and work physiology texts have not been any help.

Thank you

Patrick Sparto
Ohio State University