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Leanne Chiles
04-13-1997, 02:36 PM
Thank-you to all the people who sent me responses.

Here is a list of the references that have been given to me so far on
lateral asymmetry and changes to the entheses:

Jones et al J Bone Jt Surg 59A: 204-207, 1977

Kannus et al Ann Intern Med 123: 27-31, 1995

Haapasalo et al Calcif Tissue Int 54: 249-255, 1994

Ruff et al Am J Phys Anthrop 93: 35-54, 1994

C.S. Larsen Journal of Human Evolution 10: 489-502, 1981
"Functional Implications of Postcranial Size Reduction on the Prehistoric
Georgia Coast, U.S.A." This article examined skeletal size change
associated with the shift from hunting and gathering to a mixed economy.

T.Molleson Scientific American, August 1994
"The Eloquent Bones of Abu Hureyra."

Thanks again

Leanne Chiles
Anatomy Department
University of Otago