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unknown user
11-13-1991, 09:34 AM
SUMMARY : Network for Medical Imaging ?

This is a summary of the responses which I received regarding a network
for Medical Imaging.

- A USENET group exists entitled 'sci.med.physics'. This group appears to
have minimal use, judging by the postings of the past few months. If you
are dealing with anything which could remotely be termed "medical physics"
I would encourage you to place any requests that you may have on this list.
It appears to be unmoderated, and as such the level of queries found on it
does vary considerably. Perhaps if more people used it, it could meet the
needs of those of us in the medical imaging area. It's up to you...

- I was also notified of some mailing lists. viz :

1. NUCMED (nuclear medicine) from the University of Western Ontario, moderated
by Trevor Cradduck;

2. MEDPHYS (radiation oncology) moderated by Sherouse@radonc.duke.edu;

3. radsig@oly.acs.washington.edu for radiology (moderated by Alan Rowberg)

4. IMAGE-L@TREARN.BITNET which, as the name suggests, is an image-oriented
discussion group. I haven't seen the previous postings to this group so
I can't vouch for its relevance to medical imaging in general.
To subscribe to this group send the following line :

subscribe image-l "full name"


- Of interest to some people in the image processing area might be the USENET
group 'comp.graphics'. It is very heavily into the different graphics image
formats and software packages for various computers. As I say, it *might* be
of interest.

As you can probably see, I am still in search of a single group which
concentrates on the processing and manipulation of medical images from CT, MRI,
ultrasound, PET, SPECT, etc, and in particular the application of these
techniques to specific medical areas such as orthopaedics, palstic surgery, and
the like. So, if you know of any, my original request still stands.

Thanks to those who responded. I hope this summary is of help to you.



Timothy M Barker barker@qut.edu.au
Centre for Medical and Health Physics
Queensland University of Technology
Queensland, AUSTRALIA