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Chris A. Mcgibbon (usa)
04-15-1997, 04:44 AM
Dear List Members,

I've been asked to pass this along on the behalf of Andrew Thompson, researcher
for BBC Television, London. The BBC is preparing a science documentary on the
human body and want to devote a section to the biomechanics and ergonomics of
infant crawling. Unfortunately, they are having difficulties locating centres in
the US, UK or Canada which have performed such studies. If any of you know, or
are involved, in such studies and wish to share your ideas/findings with a wide
audience you may contact Andrew Thompson at the BBC in London -- he would be
very grateful for any information you could provide.

Please reply directly to Mr. Thompson at: andrew.thompson@bbc.co.uk

You may also cc me so that I can send the usual summary of replys to the list.
Thanks in advance.