View Full Version : Laboratory Equipment Recommendations

Darl Vander Linden
04-15-1997, 07:52 AM
Dear Colleagues,

Our department has approximately $50K to begin setting up a
biomechanics/motor control laboratory. We would like to begin with one
force plate, a 2-D motion analysis system that could later be upgraded to
3-D, and a computer to interface with the force plate, motion analysis
system and EMG which we already have.

I would appreciate any recommendations you might have regarding type of
force plate, motion analysis system, and computer system (hardware and
software) that we could fit into this budget.

Ease of use, level of technical support, and availability of commercially
available software for processing and analysis of data must also be

Thanks in advance.

Darl W. Vander Linden
Associate Professor
Eastern Washington University