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Donald Sussman
04-18-1997, 03:09 AM

I am interested in the explanation for a demonstration lab of the
conservation of angular momentum. I am sure most of the readers are
familiar with this demonstration.

Let me review it:

A subject sits on the turntable and stool which are not rotating.
The subject is handed a bicycle wheel oriented vertically (to
ground). The bicycle wheel is spun -- now the system is the
person, wheel and turntable. The subject and turntable are still
not rotating, but the wheel is. The subject is asked to rotate
the wheel in one direction or the other. The subject and
turntable now begin to rotate more slowly in a direction opposite
to the rotating wheel.

The question which is usually asked: Why does the subject and
rotating table rotate in a direction opposite to the wheel?

This is the question I am asking this group.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

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