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Ben Freeman
04-18-1997, 03:40 PM
Our biomechanics class is required to bring/make a model to demonstrate one
of the laws of physics. I have decided on bringing one of those
'stress/executive' models where there are 5 or so metal balls hanging from
a frame and you pull one, two or however many balls you like away from the
rest and then let them hit the rest of the balls and the same number will
swing out from the other end, demonstrating momentum and Newton's law of
equal and opposite reaction/force. Anyway, I was speaking to our lecturer
about it (his name is Steve Kossa) and he said to me about an equation
which can calculate the loss of energy each time the balls hit one another,
otherwise they would continue forever. Anyway my question is, as my
library does not have the books which illustrates this equation and I have
been unable to locate it, I was windoring if anybody knew of it or where I
may be able to find it.

Any help would be appreciated
Thanks in advance

Ben Freeman
University of Tasmania, Launceston.