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Tom Persing
04-18-1997, 11:08 PM
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>To Donald Sussman and Biomch-L:

Thanks, Jesus for a good explanation.

> Let's say that in the initial conditions the person and turntable
>are still and the wheel is rotating counterclockwise (in a view from

Another method of demonstration:
Start with the wheel's axle in the horizontal axis. The view from above
sees the edge of the rotating wheel.

The person in the chair is not free to spin in the "head over heels" axis,
unless his "chair" is built like a gyroscope. He feels a tug on the wheel
when the spin is applied, and it is harder to hold in place. The momentum
is being applied (rotating head forward or head backward, depending upon the
direction the wheel was spun), but the inability for the person to rotate
about the left/right axis masks the pull which he is experiencing.

Tilting the wheel in opposite directions will still cause the vertical axis
of the chair to rotate in opposite directions.

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