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Dan Ramsey
04-23-1997, 12:13 AM

Let me first introduce myself. I am a graduate student investigating
anterior tibial translation in ACL deficient limbs using intra-cortical
pins affixed with reflective markers.

In late January, Dipl.-Ing. Gunther Paul posted a question regarding
European distributors of reflective markers. I have obtained his build it
yourself summary and his e-mail address by referencing the biomch-l
archives in the hopes of obtaining his comprehensive summary. However, I
have been unable to contact him at the posted address so I have the
unenviable task of having to re-post this question. Sorry about the mail

Ideally, we require 7-8 mm diameter spherical markers as manually producing
high quality inexpensive markers is not feasible. In our experience,
gluing 2 reflective hemispheres to obtain a perfect sphere has been
problematic as our infrared motion analysis system (MacReflex) identifies
these markers as 2 distinct markers and it is unable to determine the
markers centre. Therefore we need a distributor who produces small
spherical markers rather than hemispheres much like those produced by
Qualisys. Furthermore, these markers must be threaded so as to be able to
screw them onto our intra-cortical pin fixture. Your replies would be
greatly appreciated and I will post the comprehensive summary.

Thanks in advance
Dan Ramsey

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