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04-23-1997, 02:39 AM
This is not that tough:

The dental literature is replete with biomechanic material. My
first question is do you mean just teeth, or do you mean the oral region
(jaws, teeth, etc)

For starters a good standard text is:
Biomechanics in Clinical Dentistry
Caputo, Angelo A
Quintessence, 1987

A search of Medline for the last year and a half gave me 200 plus
hits. If you are searching for biomechanics and ONLY teeth:

Explode Dentition and Explode Biomechanics then link them
together with an "and".

If the whole oral shooting match is what you need:

Explode Stomatognathic System and Explode Biomechanics and repeat
as above.

Your friendly neighbourhood librarian should be able to help.

Patrick Ellis

On Tue, 22 Apr 1997, Byron Brown wrote:

> Not really sure how formal this Q and A is so excuse the rookie.
> My name is Byron Brown, and I am a student at Wake Forest University. I am
> in a Biomechanics seminar, and I have been asigned the topic of teeth to
> research. I have not had much luck finding many good medical journals that
> are in English. If anyone can help I would appreciate any advise on
> sources, or even personal knowledge. Thanks you for you time and assistance.
> Sincerely,
> Byron Brown
> browrb00@wfu.edu
> (910)759-6506
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