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11-18-1991, 04:32 AM
The following pages could be of interest for some Biomch-l
readers. It is the second announcement and call for papers
of the ISBS '92

__________________________________________________ ______________
ISBS '92 X International Symposium of Biomechanics in Sports

15-19 June 1992 Milan - Italy

Second Announcement and Call for Papers
__________________________________________________ ______________
organised by:
Centro di Bioingegneria
Fondazione Pro Juventute I.R.C.C.S. - Politecnico di Milano

with the support of:
Civica Scuola per Animatori Sportivi
(Comune di Milano, settori Educazione, Sport e Tempo Libero)

sponsored by:

-BTS srl
-UISP Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti
Direzione Nazionale - Comitato Milanese

in cooperation with:

-Dipartimento di Bioingegneria, Politecnico di Milano
-Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
-I.S.U. dell'Universita' degli Studi di Milano
-Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano - Scuola dello Sport
-Comune di Milano
-Comune di Montichiari (BS)
-Istituto Tecnico Statale Sperimentale "P.P.Pasolini", Milano

On the behalf of the International Society of Biomechanics
in Sports, we have the pleasure in inviting you to attend the
International Symposium of the Society "ISBS '92", which will
be held in Milan, Italy.
The ISBS was organised in 1982 with express purpose of
"bridging the gap between biomechanics researchers, teachers
and coaches". The annual symposium, with its published pro-
ceedings, provides the vehicle through which biomechanics
applications may be transmitted to practitioners.


When you can measure what you are speaking about, and express
it in numbers, you know something about it.
(Lord Kelvin, 1891)

__________________________________________________ ______________


-Biomechanical Methodology in Sports
-Basic and Applied Sport Biomechanics
-Biomechanics in Coaching and Teaching
-Biomechanical Assessment of Sport Equipments
-Biomechanical Rehabilitation in Sports
-Biomechanic-Bioenergetic Relationships in Sports
-Sport Biomechanics for People with Special Needs
-Free Topics in Sport Biomechanics


Prof. Wolfang BAUMANN (Deutsche Sporthochschule Koln, D.)
Prof. Adrian LEES (Liverpool Polytechnic, U.K.)
Prof. Antonio PEDOTTI (Politecnico di Milano, I.)
Prof. Franco SAIBENE (I.T.B.A. Milano, I.)
Prof. Hannes SCHMIDL (Centro Protesi INAIL, Budrio, I.)
Prof. Arrigo VALLATTA (Politecnico di Milano, I.)
Prof. Luc VAN DER WOUDE (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, NL.)
Prof. Vladimir ZATSIORSKY (Pennsylvania State University, Central
Institute of Physical Culture Moscow)


The Symposium will include a whole day devoted to key
lectures, oral and poster presentations on "Biomechanics in
Italy: Present State of the Art and Future Developments".



R.Andrich M.D'Amico G.Ferrigno C.Frigo
G.Lanzetti G.C.Santambrogio A.Veicsteinas


C.Almansi S.Araldi T.Vergani


Fondazione Pro Juventute IRCCS - Politecnico di Milano
Via Capecelatro 66 - I 20148 Milano, Italy
Phone 39 2 40308305-40308315 - Fax + 39 2 26861144

__________________________________________________ ______________

SITE -The Symposium will take place at I.S.U., Via Valvassori
Peroni 11, 20100 Milano.

OFFICIAL LANGUAGE - The official language of the Symposium will
be English. Simultaneous English/Italian translation will be
active during the workshop only.

COMMERCIAL EXHIBITION - An exhibition area will be located
near the conference room. All the requests of information,
services and rates must be addressed by mail or fax to the
Symposium Secretariat not later than March 31, 1992.

REGISTRATION FEES - Full fee for Members of the following
Societies: ISBS, ISB, ESB, ISEK, AIIMB ITL 260,000
Non Members ITL 340,000
Reduced fee for certified full-time students ITL 140,000
Reduced fee for accompanying persons ITL 120,000
Reduced fee for attending only the Workshop ITL 100,000
ISBS subscription ITL 72,000
Present rate of exchange: 1 U.S.$ = 1,300 ITL.
Early registration deadline is March 31, 1992. After this
deadline, 20% will be added to the registration fee.
Cancellations received prior to April 30, 1992 will be fully
refunded. Cancellations received by April 30, 1992 will receive
a 50% refund, while after June 1, 1992 no refund will be made.
The full registration fee (Symposium & Workshop) includes:
- admittance to all scientific sessions
- official Symposium documentation
- welcome dinner and closing banquet
- refreshment breaks
- abstract volume
- full papers volume.

PROCEEDINGS - The Symposium proceeding will be printed as:
- a book of accepted abstracts (available on the Symposium date)
- a book of full papers (available about six months later).
The book of full papers will be mailed, without charge, to all
those participants who have payed a full registration fee.

AWARD - A special award will be taken into account for the most
promising work presented by young researchers. Conditions for
submission of award are:
- the young researcher must be under 27 years old
- the young researcher must be the presenting author
- the work must be original and not reported elsewhere.
The Scientific Committee reserves the right to evaluate the
candidates and to proclame the winner. The award will be
300 U.S.$

PRESENTATIONS - Oral presentations will be 12 minutes long
followed by a 3 minutes question period. Poster presentations
will be arranged near the conference room. Poster boards,
approximately 0.7 by 1 m in size will be provided.
Video presentations, arranged near the conference room, should
be no longer than 15 minutes. Each author is responsible for the
content of his videos, their damage and loss.

VIDEOFESTIVAL - This session is intended to highlight the state
of the art in the field of sport biomechanics through impressive
practical reports of teaching and coaching.

SUPPORT TOOLS - 35 mm slide projectors and VHS (PAL, NTSC) video
tape recorder.

__________________________________________________ ______________


Delegates are invited to submit abstracts for oral, poster or
video presentations. Abstracts must be typed by taking into
account the conditions for submission listed below. Authors
should also indicate the topic in which they wish their abstracts
to be considered and which presentation they prefer.
The Scientific Committee, however, reserves the right to allocate
each accepted abstract to the most appropriate section.

submitted, with the registration form properly filled up, to the
Symposium Secretariat not later than March 31, 1992. Abstracts
should be in English only. Abstracts are subject to the approval
of the Scientific Committee. Acceptance or rejection of the
abstract will be notified by letter to the presenting author
before April 30, 1992. The authors of accepted abstracts will
be asked to prepare their final work by following the full
paper guidelines written below.

ABSTRACT GUIDELINE - Abstracts must be submitted in a camera
ready format and typed in letter-quality Elite or Roman 12.
The whole abstract, including title (Caps) , authors (Caps),
institutions and text, must be submitted on one-page letter-
sized paper (8 1/2 x 11") with 1.5" margins. Single space except
between title/authors/text. The name of the presenting author
must be underlined.




__________________________________________________ ______________

**** (B.B.) *** ** hostel(B.B)
single 95,000 100,000 66,000 -
twin 140,000 140,000 90,000 -
3 bedded room - 180,000 130,000 66,000
__________________________________________________ _____________
B.B.= bed and breakfast
room prices in italian liras (per room per day)












Joined Scientific Meetings

June 15-19 Milano - Italy Xth Int. Symp. of ISBS
June 21-24 Roma - Italy 8th Meeting of the ESB
June 24-26 Munchen - Germany 2nd Int. Congress of movement
June 28-July 2 Firenze - Italy 9th Int. Congress of the ISEK
July 5-10 Capri - Italy 6th Mediterranean conference
on medical and biological

Further information are available from:
ISBS'92 Symposium Secretariat
Centro di Bioingegneria
Fondazione Pro Juventute I.R.C.C.S.
Politecnico di Milano
Via Capecelatro 66
I-20148 Milano, ITALY

Requests of the complete announcement can be addressed to the
secretariat or to the following Email address:

Email address: rodano@ipmel2.elet.polimi.it