View Full Version : Custom VI for AcqKnowledge file format

Allen Akers
04-27-1997, 04:07 AM
Thanks to everyone who replied to my previous requests for
information on interfacing Biopac hardware with Labview. The
consensus seemed to be that drivers for the hardware were available,
but that the cost was around $800, which is more than I can spare on
the current project. I was hoping that someone on the list had
already created custom VIs to convert the binary AcqKnowledge file
format into arrays for the separate channels for use in Labview. If
not, this will probably be my next task.(those ascii exports are just
TOO BIG when sampling at 1000 Hz) If anyone has such custom VIs, I
would appreciate a copy. If I end up having to create the VI myself
and (heaven forbid) am successful, I will gladly distribute this to
anyone in need of such a beast. Thanks again to all who have helped
or may help me in this rather drawn out endeavor.

Allen Akers, CSCS
University of North Texas
Dept of Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation