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Jan Douglas-morris
04-27-1997, 10:44 AM
Dear List Members,

This request is on behalf of an Honours student in the Physiotherapy
program, Jeff Flood. Jeff is researching asymmetry of hamstrings function
between limbs and changes to hamstrings function post hamstring injury
(recent or long-healed muscle strain) using surface electromyography. Any
article on post-muscle injury and emg would be helpful. Jeff, after much
searching, has not had much success in locating research articles in this
area and would greatly appreciate any help members of the list can offer as
to appropriate reference material/previous research work undertaken etc.
He has used Medline and Science Citation Index. The Biomech list archives
have also been searched. So far, only one article on asymmetry of function
in normal hamstrings (by Pierotti et al 1991 J.Orthop Resrch) has been

Please reply to the email address below. Summaries of replies will be
posted as usual.

Thanking you in advance for your help
Jan Douglas-Morris

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