View Full Version : Problems with ADAMS, especially ADAMS/ANDROID

Marina Koutchouk
05-05-1997, 04:35 AM
Dear Biomch-l users,

I'm a Ms. student working with Adams on the modeling of a lift truck driver for
the simulation of lateral tipovers. I need some help for the following two
problems :

1) During the lateral tipover, the lift truck doesn't stop when touching the
ground but just continues to fall down through the ground. I have already
defined an impact force between the truck and the ground but it seems not
sufficient. Is there any other forces or ways to set the parameters to allow
correct definition of the simulation ?

2) The second problem concerns the utilization of Adams/Android, and especially
the model file, file.ADM , which is not recognized by the Adams/Solver. It
seems that the solver doesn't recognize the force statements (SFORCE) written
in the file. These SFORCE statements always use by default user-written
functions, even if already-written functions exist. When changing manually some
of these user-written function, the solver seems to understand the model file,
but it is a tedious task and I suppose that it's not the right thing to do.
Is there anybody who has been already concerned by these problems ?

Thank you very much for taking a bit of your time to answer me,

Marina Koutchouk

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== Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal, Quebec, Canada ==
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