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Rosemary Reid
05-05-1997, 08:10 PM
Dear All,

I am firstly very sorry about the delay before sending out this summary I
had tried one day before but sent it to the wrong address and couldn't be
bothered retyping it all in again. Thank you though for all the replies.

Replies from;
Nicky and Jason
Dr Abboud Dundee Royal Infirmary
Paul Fiolkowsli
Ahmet Erdemir
Phillippe Archambault
Constaninos Theodorou
Alan Morris
Wolfgang Loscher
Richard Smith
Paul Bourassa

My request was for information on good graphics packages for a future
presentation. The suggestions were:

If using a Macintosh then the program is POSER

Matlab: from several people this done seem to be the easiest solution for plots

"Dynamics of human gait" by Vaughn from Human Kinetics publishers cost $50


If using Kinematic marker coordinates with gif frames use Microsoft gif animator

try computer animation group mail to: list.serv@morgan.ucs.mun.ca
type "subscribe cg-char"

POSER by Fractal design is used for developing 3-d graphical images of the
human body in static and dynamic poses

Powerpoint from Microsoft

Autolev2 software and Fortran to generate equations of motion or Halo
graohics package for animation Autolev@aol.com

The above are a varying range of packages used for a varying range of
purposes. Thank you again for the replies,

Rosemary Reid
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Loughborough University
LE11 3TU