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Isam Hilal
05-05-1997, 09:31 PM
Dear subscribers,

My name is Isam Hilal and I'm working on the study of gait pathology for my
Ph.D. at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications de Bretagne.

The goal of this work is finding a method allowing to use medical imaging
as a data source for a mathematical model of the gait. Eventually, we could
use this model to get some parameters making possible to corrige this

Until now, there is no way to obtain medical images in motion. However, the
gait modelization has been done.

The model is based on geometric considerations about the acetabul, together
with the resultant force R to the articulation. Taking into account that
the minimum distance between the articulation is the geometric place where
the force distribution is maximum, we can write a set of equations in a
coordinate system xyz which are based on the elasticity theory. With these
equations, we can estimate the femur head orientation angles.

We can also estimate R on the articulation provided that we know the femur
head orientation.

Since we don't have a data base, this model has been tested with data
appeared in the book "Biomechanics of the hip" by P.J.Maquet. He takes this
data from different positions of the gravity center S5 as given by Pauwels,
who uses the data from Braune and Fisher.

The results seem to be good, but we need to carry out other tests to
further verify or corrige the model.

Since the first goal of the work is to test this model, I'm looking for
data about gait of sane and pathological individuals with any of these:

1. Different positions of the gravity center S5 and the accelerations

2. The resultant R with its orientation components

It is also important to know the morphological caracteristics of the hip

Thanks in advance.


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